Mayhem Bait Company

Liquid Mayhem Fish Attractants

At Mayhem Bait Co. we take a multi faceted approach to our systems by focusing on what we call the four S’s of successful fish attractants.

Scent: When targeting a specific species in a specific lake, region or season, the most successful approach is to use a scent that matches their most sought after prey. At Mayhem Bait Co. all of our scents are made with real bait, enhanced with powerful amino acids and specially formulated bite stimulants. No games, no gimmicks and no artificial chemicals and scents.

Sustenance: We like to refer to Liquid Mayhem as the ultimate “fishin nutrition” since our bait scents are made from the same creatures that your target species forage for every day. Whether it's shiners, shad, leeches or crawfish, our formulas are diverse and species specific.

Staying power: We were just plain fed up with fish attractants that were either to difficult to apply, that put more product in the boat than on the lure or washed off and disappeared after one or two casts. That’s why liquid Mayhem was formulated into a sticky matrix that grabs the bait and holds on. Good for as long as 30 minutes our gels mean less mess and more time in the water. 

Strength: By strong we mean super concentrated. While our packages look small, our product goes a long way. Don’t be fooled by attractancts that come in huge spray containers. With Liquid Mayhem, a small dab is all that you'll need.  Our single 2 ounce tube fits nicely into your tackle box and will outlast most larger watered down containers meaning more money in your wallet.