V & M Chopsticks

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The fall action and the well balanced weight of the V&M 5" Chopstick are what make this bait so effective. However, the distinct quality of the bait sets it apart from the competition. In short it is one of the most irresistible and durable baits of its kind! The Chopstick is available in 4”, 5” & 7” all of which are very effective depending on the mood of the fish. Although typically rigged weightless for a well balanced parallel fall, they work very good both Texas & Carolina Rigged. They are available in a variety of popular colors that have been time tested & proven to catch fish. Pair any of them up with Mustad Grip Pin hooks and Elite Tungsten, available in the Terminal Tackle section of our site and you’ll have the perfect recipe for success! Also try them wacky rigged with our new V&M Shakey Wacky jig head!