5Limit Fishing Criminal Craw

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The 5Limit Criminal Craw is a unique combination of a tube and a craw-style bait. If you love to fish with tubes, the Criminal Craw will quickly become your new favorite bait! The pinchers and tentacles come to life as the bait enters the water and creates a lifelike action. The ribbed body emits vibrations to trigger big bass. Like all 5Limit Baits, the Criminal Craw is loaded with salt and a scientifically formulated scent to ensure the bass hold on longer. It can be used on a Texas rig for flipping, on a jig head and bounced along the bottom, or on a Carolina Rig. When the Criminal Craw is on the other end of you line, you better hold on tight, this is a big bass catching machine! So good, it's criminal.

Size: 4 Inches

Quantity Per Package: 8