5Limit Fishing Intruder

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The 5Limit Intruder is a flipper's dream come true. This bait was designed to "intrude" into heavy cover where giants live. We took the best qualities anglers want in a flipping bait and packed them into to one outstanding bait. It's an awesome combination of a beaver and a craw-style bait with the emphasis placed on the claws. The claws come to life as the bait enters the water and creates a unique vibration and flutter action to trigger a reaction out of even the most finicky bass. The Intruder is loaded with salt and a scientifically formulated scent to ensure the bass hold on longer. The bait is made from soft, but durable plastic and includes a hook slot to improve hook sets. The Intruder can be used for flipping trees, bushes, grass, and much more. If flipping is a big part of your game, the Intruder needs to be part of your arsenal!

Size: 4 Inches

Quantity Per Package: 8