BluewaterLED - Extreme Pro X2 MotorGlow LED Lighting System

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Are you looking for a way to add some extra bling to your boat?  Check out the Extreme Pro X2 Motorglow LED lighting system by Blue Water LED.   Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Extreme Pro has a rugged compact design that can stand up to the elements and give your boat a great affect at night. These lights can be installed directly to your boats transom or on the motor jackplate.  Its versatile mounting system allows the Extreme Pro to be used almost anywhere you have 12V power…the application possibilities are endless.  - SKU 81-2

Extreme Pro X2 Motorglow LED Kit includes:

  • 2 - Extreme Pro Blue Water LED™ Light
  • 2 - Flat surface mounting pad
  • 2 - Curved surface mounting pad
  • 4 - Machine mounting screws
  • 4 - Self-tapping mounting screws
  • 4 - Flat washers

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum housing

  • 2.8" X 1.5"

  • IP68 waterproof

  • 150 degree light dispersion angle

  • 4ft Wire Lead

  • Mounting bases for straight and curved surfaces included

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included

  • Voltage - 9-30 VDC

  • Color Options - Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber