Hydra - Camo

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Hydra gives you lightweight glare prevention combined with a super tough ANSI Z87.1 Safety Impact Rating. Our amazing frame technology is the first product to simultaneously surpass the stringent safety impact ratings while maintaining buoyancy - a moon landing in the eyewear industry. The TR90-NZZ frame construction ensures durability in the most extreme conditions. The rubber polymers have been specifically engineered to react to your body's temperature, which allows the frame to slightly adhere to your face, virtually eliminating slippage. Most importantly, our lens technology outperforms our competition by truly blocking 100% of all UV rays which includes: UVA, UVB, and UVC (Solar Radiation). Removing UVC rays eliminates eye fatigue and creates unsurpassed polarized performance. In addition, all Amphibia lenses include our AquaArmor Performance Optical Coating. Our proprietary AquaArmor technology repels water and eliminates fogging in any weather condition. Last but not least, thanks to our patented AirCel Technology, all Amphibia frames float...Because Earth is Mostly Water.

AirCel™ Flotation Technology
Amphibia's Patent-pending AirCel™ flotation technology is what makes every pair of Amphibia frames truly suited for the life aquatic. Never lose a pair of sunglasses in the water again.
100% Polarized, Hydrophobic Polycarbonate Lenses
Amphibia’s polarized, Hydrophobic polycarbonate lenses provide crystal-clear vision in the brightest sunlight, while repelling water and snow on both sides.
TiBridge™ Technology
Amphibia's Patent-pending TiBridge™ technology uses titanium alloy encased in highsilicon rubber to provide a custom fit for your face, no matter the shape or size.
TR90 Construction
Amphibia frames use rugged TR-90 polymers for maximum durability. High silicone rubber is used to eliminate any slippage and provide a custom fit. As the rubber becomes wet, the tackiness won’t decrease.