Strike King Tour Grade Titanium Rig w/blades

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Imitate a school of baitfish with the Strike King® Tour Grade Titanium Umbrella Rig. It's a 5-wire system designed with a .027 diameter titanium wire that eliminates kinks, breakage and metal fatigue common to some steel wire rigs. This flexible titanium wire enables increased pulsing action, resulting in more strikes. The smaller diameter is also less visible in clear water, creates less wind drag, and makes casting easier. A lifelike head with 3D eyes has an internal swivel to prevent line twist. May be rigged with a wide variety of lures (not included).

  • Imitates a school of baitfish
  • 5-wire system
  • Smaller diameter wire is less visible in clear water
  • Lifelike head with 3D eyes and swivel to prevent line twist