Talon Fishing - Pete's Preacher Jig

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Pete's Preacher Jig® By Talon
The Only Authentic Preacher Jig®
Hand Tied With Extra Long 100% Natural Hair and Premium, Supple Hackle for Superb Action
Measures an Amazing 8 Inches Long!
Premium 90 degree Mustad Black Nickel Hook
Custom Talon Shibui Head with its weight-forward design performs nose down and rests in an upright position for superior action

We worked with a team of expert anglers headed up by FLW Pro, Pete Ponds, to bring an old favorite back to production that until summer 2014, had been a closely held secret among upper level competitive anglers for many years. Our Talon Pete's Preacher Jig is the only authentic re-creation of the original bait that was hand tied by the famed Georgia preacher. And, just like the original, Pete's Preacher Jigs are tied with premium 100% natural buck hair and just a few premium hackle feathers for superior action, appearance and durability that simply can't be duplicated with the cheap feathers and synthetic hair being used by others.

Pete's Preacher Jig® is a Registered Trademark of Talon Fishing Unlimited, Inc. Use of the word "preacher" to describe any lure not made by Talon Fishing is prohibited by Federal Law.

Simply the Best Hair Jig You'll Ever Fish!

Do Not Get Feathered By An Imitation!